Complaints Policy

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and continuously evolving to meet your changing needs. However, if you feel we have fallen short of our high standards we would like to know.

If you have a problem understanding something we have done, or if you want to make a complaint please contact us as soon as possible so we can address the problem.

Some complaints may require no action, but every complaint is important, and we review all complaints regularly to establish where there are opportunities to make your experience that much better in the future.

Your first call is to talk to your broker directly or to contact the manager. You will find contact details here.

If you are still not 100% satisfied, please contact our Feedback and Complaints Committee. They will take up your concerns.

When a complaint is made, we will:

  • Record your complaint, you may be asked to complete a Complaint form.
  • Acknowledge your complaint.
  • Investigate and review your complaint.
  • Propose a resolution.

We will respond with a resolution to your complaint within 20 working days or less.

We will check any necessary action has been carried out and that you are satisfied with the resolution.

However, if this does not address your complaint fully, you can contact the Financial Services Complaints Ltd. (FSCL) The FSCL is the external dispute resolution scheme for our industry. This independent body is approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Before FSCL can consider your complaint, OFS Insurance Brokers must have been given the opportunity to resolve the complaint with you directly.